Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that often interferes with everyday life. It can make it difficult to sleep, sit, stand, walk, and do many other ordinary activities. While for some people, back pain can clear up on its own, it can affect others for months or even years.

The most common cause of back pain, especially lower back pain, is a combination of poor posture and lack of movement, typically seen with people who sit for long periods. This is known as mechanical back pain and is not a serious condition. However, it can be uncomfortable and frustrating to experience a constant ache or pain in your back.
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Physiotherapy is ideal for treating mechanical back pain. Along with advice on correcting your posture, appropriate exercises and self-treatment techniques, your back pain should resolve in a few days or weeks. However, there are more complex causes of back pain, for example, disc prolapse, joint impingement, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, arthritis, or fracture which require a more detailed assessment. At Glenelg Physio we will conduct a thorough history and physical assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment to reduce your pain, improve overall spinal mobility, strength, and control.

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