Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint, especially as we get older. Due to the shoulder being pivotal in day to day tasks, injuries to this area can be debilitating and frustrating.

The shoulder joint or “glenohumeral joint” is a ball and socket joint, made up of the upper arm or “humerus bone”, the shoulder blade and collar bone. The joint is then surrounded by a capsule and provides passive stability to the joint. The rotator cuff is important to the shoulder as the muscles work to provide dynamic stability when you move your arm. The rotator cuff attaches on the shoulder blade and surround the humerus bone.
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There are many common causes of shoulder pain and it is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis of the origin of your pain so that appropriate treatment can be targeted at the cause. At Glenelg Physio we will develop a rehabilitation program based on our physical assessment findings. In the early stages, treatment will involve education and advice, and manual therapy to relieve your pain. Rehabilitation may then progress to an individualised gym program so your shoulder can develop the strength it needs for activities of daily living.

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